• Image of Fameless Quarterly: TRANSITION

Introducing the new (and permanent) format for Fameless. Fameless Quarterly will aim to do the same as the passed FAMELESSZINE has done for you, which is introduce you to undiscovered, underrated and under appreciated talent. Throw in to the mix a curation of art cinema and literature all based on a theme. This issues very fitting theme is "TRANSITIONS." We have some very exciting work and journalistic pieces in this issue. Aside from our articles we're showcasing work from Rudie Diaz, Laura Taylor, Mitya Ganopolsky, Meggie Royer and Blair DeLong. The quality of this publication will only increase from here.

FEATURES - Rodolfo Diaz, Laura Taylor, Meggie Royer, Mitya Ganopolsky


EDITORIAL - Latin American Reading, Short Story Glory, Time Loops and Blunderbusses, Transitional Gravity, Anarch's Essentials, Short Film Cinema Club, The Burning House, Revisited: See SZA Run

Cover Image by Rodolfo Diaz