• Image of Fameless Quarterly: DEDICATION

Our long awaited issue titled "DEDICATION" has tons of amazing content. Dedication is an enormous part of our lives as artists and as people. Fameless Quarterly will always aim to introduce you to undiscovered, underrated, and under-appreciated talent. This issue we've initiated a new column titled METHOD, where we'll pick a different artist every issue to walk us through their day-to-day; We've inaugurated the column with Laura Sly, a NJ based illustrator. We've thrown in some interesting editorials as well, like 'Incomparable Commitment' where we talk about Max Fischer's dedication and 'Making it' where we talk about where pursuing a label doesn't necessarily mean success for a musician. Aside from our editorials we're showcasing work from Jae Kim, Shannon Stoia, Philip Bolthausen, Megan Duenas, Katie Sadis and a plethora of others.

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